exam for the 10th grade

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1.      Speaking English – a world language
2. Underline the correct words
1.      I love coffee but/as well I hate tea.
2.      Sally is a co-operative and/also energetic person.
3.      Mike is friendly. However/as well, he tends to be arrogant at time.
4.      Peter is short, well-built and/but middle-aged.
5.      Pam loves wearing V-neck jumpers but/and leggings.
6.      Jessica is caring, generous and patient but/as well.  
3. Translate the text
Mental magic
The young man sat in a comfortable chair with his eyes closed. A doctor had just put her in a trance. The doctor spoke softly.
-          Do you feel good? Without any worries?
The young woman nodded.
“ all right” said the doctor. “Now you are going to enter a theatre in Chicago. You’ll sit up towards the front. On the stage there’ll be a hand. After while a singer will come out and sing three songs you never heard before”
The doctor stared at his watch. He waited for a second hand to do around once: sixty seconds. Then he snapped his fingers in front of the young woman’s face. She opened her eyes and smiled.
“ how long were you in the theatre ?”
“about an hour”
“ do you remember the music? Any one of the singer’s new songs is fine with me”
“ neither of the first two was much good” the young woman said. “ I’ll do the third” she stood up and crossed the room to a piano. She fooled with the keys a moment, until she had tune. Then she sang the words and played the music of song no one on earth ever heard before. Was this magic? Yes and no. it did happen not long ago. The young woman was a song writer. The  doctor was a scientist studying the hidden powers of the mind. When the young woman came out of the trance, she really thought that the minute had lasted an hour
Ticket 2
1.      Speaking: My family and I
2. Grammar: Choose the correct item
1. This roast chicken …….delicious!
a. taste   b. is tasting   c. tastes
2. they go to the cinema ………
a. every week   b. at the moment    c. usually
3…………. You seeing Peter tomorrow night ?
a. do    b. are    c. is
4. A:can I help you, miss?
B: Yes. I ………. For a birthday present for my daughter
a. look    b. ‘m looking    c. looks
5. ……….. she wear a uniform at work?
a. are    b. is    c. does
6. Annette …….. two sisters and a brother
a. has    b. is having    c. have
7. I enjoy travelling by train, but I ……………. Travelling by plane
a. like     b. hate    c. likes
8. A: when ……… she leaving for Boston?
B: on the 15th of June
a. does    b. has       c. is  
3. Translate the text 
Buckingham Palace
There are two addresses in London that the whole world knows. One is 10 Downing street, where the Prime Minister lives. The other is Buckingham Palace. This famous palaces, first built in 1703, is the in the very centre of London. It is two places, not one. It as a  family house, where children play and grow up. It is also the place where presidents, kings, and politicians go to meet the Queen. Buckingham Palace is like a small town, with a police station, two post offices, a swimming pool. There are 600 rooms and three miles of red carpet. Two men work full time to look after the 300 clocks. About 700 people work in the palace. When the Queen gets up in the morning, seven people look after her. She has coffee from Harrods, toast, and egg. Everyday for 15 minutes, a piper plays Scottish music outside her room and the Queen reads The Time. Every Tuesday evening, she meets and have a drink, perhaps a gin and tonic or a whisky.
Ticket 3
1.      Speaking : My school – Ikh zasag
2.      Grammar fill in the gaps using who, which, or whose
1.      The woman ……. Made the cake is 80 years old
2.      This the girl …… has just sold her bike to me
3.      What do you think of the new teacher …….. started this year
4.      John’s the man …… car broke down last week
5.      Have you got any money ….. you can lend me ?
6.      She is the woman ……. Brother is a soldier.
7.      I lost my necklace ……. My grandmother bought me for my birthday
8.      Can you tell me ….. look the newspapers from the table?
9.      When are you going to move these boxes …… are in the hall?
10. The man ……. Owns that shop is retiring next year
3.      Translate the text
Two teenage geniuses
Jaya Rajah is fourteen, but he doesn’t go to school. He studies medicine at New York university an class of twenty-years-olds. Jaya was born in Madrid’s in India but now lives a house in New York with his mother, father, and brother. They can all speak English fluently. His father is a doctor. Jaya was different from a very young age. He could count before he could say Mummy or daddy. He could answer questions on calculus when he was five and did algebra when he was eight. Now he studies from 8.15 to 4.00 every day at the university. Then he studies at home with his father from 6.30 to 10.00 every evening. Jaya doesn’t have friends: he never goes out in the evenings, but he sometimes watches TV. he says. “ I live for one things – I want to be a doctor before I am seventeen. Other children of my age are boring. They can’t understand me.
Ticket 4
1.      Speaking: My hometown
2.      Grammar: underline the correct item
1.      He slept/was sleeping at 10 o’clock this morning
2.      We all went/were going out last night
3.      I ate/was eating breakfast when the phone rang/was ringing
4.      I took/was taking some really great photos when I was/was being in California
5.      She had/was having lunch with her fiancé when he gave/was giving her an experience ring as a birthday present
6.      He met/was meeting Mary yesterday
7.      While she watched/ was watching TV, her mother cooked/ was cooking dinner.
8.      When the fire alarm went off Mrs. Brown read/was reading a book
3.      Translate the text
What happenings when you sleep?
Many people think that nothing happens when they sleep. Doctors have studied sleep for many years. They think that a lot happens when people sleep. Doctors say that people have five kinds of stages of sleep. People may have go through each stage about every 90 minutes. During first stage you sleep lightly. If someone calls you or puts his or her hand on you, you wake up quickly. Your body rests quietly. You breathe more slowly you are awake. During stages three or four, you sleep deeply. Or someone puts you his or her hand on you, you don’t wake up. Your hearts beats more slowly than in stage one or two. You don’t hear sounds. Lights don’t wake up you. The last stage of sleep is called REM ( rapid eye movement). During REM sleep you breathe faster, and your heart beats faster than one through four. Your eyes move under your eyelids. All of this happens because you are dreaming.  
Ticket 5
1.      Speaking:  Ulaanbaator is the capital of Mongolia
2.      Grammar: Choose the correct item
1.      Cindy ………. The party at midnight
a.       Was leaving   b. has left    c. left
2 the car ……has a flat tyre is mine
a.       Whose     b. which   c. who
3 Donna ……..working very hard lately
a.       Has been     b. was    c. have been
4 the reason ….. I can’t buy a new bicycle that I haven’t got any money
a.       Why    b. which    c for
5 the boys were playing basketball while their father   …….. the lawn
a.       Was mowing    b. has moved    c. moves
6   he’s been living in the same flat…… twenty years
a.       Just    b. for    c. since
7   I …….. Rachel for dinner last tonight
a.       Am seeing   b. saw    c. has seen
3.      Translate the text
Studying to remember
Student want to find the best way to put information into their long term memories. They want to be able to remember the information later when they take a test. What is the best way to learn information so they can remember it when they want to?
When you study you should read the whole lessons first. This gives you the whole picture in which to put the ideas. New information that fits into the whole picture is easier to remember that separate facts. You also learn faster if you look at headings introductions important words summaries conclusions and anything else that helps to organize the material. Organized material is easier to understand.
Ticket 6
1.      Speaking: Close friends
2.      Grammar: Cross out unnecessary word
1.      He is traveling to Manchester by the train
2.      I saw the man who he lives upstairs
3.      The Rome is the capital of Italy
4.      While Melanie was studying in her room and she heard a strange noise
5.      It was such a nice weather that we went to the beach
6.      We went to England for two years ago
7.      The May is my favorite month
8.      It was such a good news that she couldn’t believe it
3.      Translate the text
English – a world language
English is the native tongue of about 250 million people. As you would expect, it is the native language in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand and United States. In many countries people speak English as a second language – almost as well as their native language. In years to come, English will most likely be the language in which people throughout can converse. Today schoolchildren everywhere begin to study of English at an age early. For that reason young people of the world can communicate with American visitor, whereas older people often cannot.
Ticket 7
1.      Speaking:  If I had a magic lamp
2.      Grammar: put the verbs into past tenses
Alice ……..(be) very tired. She ……..(travel) by train for three long days and ………..(forget) what it …………(be) like to have a good night’s sleep.
 Hugh ……….(not/relax) all week. It ………..(be) almost 8 o’clock on Friday morning and his physics exam ……….(be ) about to begin. Although he ……….(study) hard, he ……….(not/feel) confident  
It ……….(be) almost time. Daisy ………(sit) in front of the mirror bushing her hair. As she ………..(put on) her veil she ……….(notice) that her hands …………(tremble). She ………..(wait) for this moment all her life. In less than an hour she would finally be Donald’s wife 
3.      Translate the text
The first miss world
Alice Hyde is ninety seven years old and she always watch Miss world competition on TV. she likes to remember the year in 1911, when she become the very first Miss world. It was wonderful. My picture in the best magazine and on postcards. I received hundreds of letters. A lot of man want to marry me. Best of all. Charlie Chaplin wrote from America and invited me to Hollywood. I really wanted there and be film star, but my parents said no. instead in 1912, Alice married Charlie Hyde, a boy from her hometown in the north of England. They had five children: four sons and a daughter. When Charlie retired they moved in Spain and they lived there until Charlie dead. Alice came back in England and bought an antique shop where she worked until last year.
Ticket 8
1.      Speaking: My favorite holiday
2.      Grammar: Put the verbs into correct tenses
1.      If it ……….(snow), I’ll take the children skiing
2.      The football match will be cancelled if it ………(rain)
3.      I won’t go to the party unless Connie …….. (come) with me
4.      If you ……..(run) fast, you will win the race
5.      Unless they ………(work) overtime, thay won’t earn enough money to go on holiday
6.      ………… (Greg/post) this letter for me if I ask him?
7.      Unless you ……..(drive) carefully you’ll have an accident
8.      If someone ……….(not/water) these plants, they will die
3.      Translate the text
 102 and she’s a writer     
Dorothy Moriarty is Britain’s oldest writer. She is 102 years old and has just written her first book the memories of a nurse at university college hospital London in the early part of this century. At that time civilian hospitals had very little money. They were dirty and nurses worked seventy hours a week and earned 18$ a year. Dorothy says, there were cockroaches everywhere. Nobody worried about our hospitals. All the money went to the military hospitals and newspapers were full of stories of Florence nightingale and her soldiers. We decided to do something. We started the royal college of nursing and cut our working well from seventy to forty eight hours. This was much better. 
New year around the world
Ticket 9
1.      Speaking:  My free time
2.      Grammar: Turn the following from direct speech into reported speech, as in the example
1.      “ I have a headache” she said to me
2.      “ I got a letter from Joanne this morning “ he says
3.      “ there is a bus strike tomorrow” he said to us
4.      “ I’m going to the report to the airport to pick up James” he said
5.      “ We all speak French fluently” they said to her
6.      “ I have just come back from the museum” she said to me
7.      “ I got an A in my history test yesterday” she said to me
8.      “ I’ve just finished reading a brilliant novel” he said to her 
3.      Translate the text
In all cities in Brazil we have a big party on New Year’ s Eve. People bagin to prepare for the party in the morning on the 31st of December and the fireworks start at midnight. They last for about thirty minutes and everybody makes a wish for good health. Love and money. People who lives in cities on the beach go for a swim and throw flowers in the sea and make a wish. Some people light candles in the sand on the beach for good luck. Most people wear white clothes onp New Year’s Eve to bring good luck and peace for the New Year. Usually wear a white dress and white shoes but I’ve never swum in the sea and I haven’t thrown flowers into the water.
Ticket 10
1.      Speaking: Future profession
2.      Grammar: Rewrite the sentences into passive
1.      Andrew cooked dinner
2.      Sue painted a lovely picture
3.      Melanie posted the letter
4.      Bob made a fantastic puppet
5.      Joseph cleaned the fish bowl
6.      He is vacuuming the carpet
7.      She has ordered the table
8.      The thief stole all the money in the till
3.      Translate the text
The hamburgers is very popular American food. The first hamburger’s were made in 1895 in America. Americans learnt to make them from German sailors. They were called hamburgers these sailor were from Hamburg in Germany. The first real hamburgers became very popular after the Second World War and soon became known all over the world.           
Coco – cola
Coco cola is enjoyed all over the world. Billions of litres are sold every year in more than 160 countries. Coco cola was invented in 1886 in United states of America. It was coco cola because it made from the coco plant. Not many people know the reciepe of this drink. It is a secret. At the beginning only a few drinks were sold a day, but coco cola became more popular in the 1980s
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